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I AM FIT ACADEMY (Ages Birth thru 18 months) TODDLER FIT INSTITUTE (Ages 18 months to 36 months) KIDZFITACADEMY (Ages 3 years to 5 years) KIDFITHIGH (Ages 6 years to 12 years)


TEENFITUNIVERSITY(Ages 13 years to young adults) Urban Line Dance Fitness (Adults of All Ages)

SeniorCare Fitness AΩ (50 years and Older


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Who Can Participate in Urban Line Dance Fitness

Dancers and non-dancers alike can easily master a ULD class because without previous dance experience. However, the exercise routine is easier to learn if a participant knows how to do the electric slide, as this is the fundamental dance of ULD fitness. A ULD class creates a party like atmosphere providing a nonintimidating opportunity for non-dancers, newbies, or those who have felt out of place to participate in group classes.  However, experienced dancers and veteran exercisers thoroughly enjoy the change of pace because they are experiencing a healthy, fun party-like environment.   A participant, in a ULD fitness class, benefits from the fat burning and muscle toning benefits of aerobics as well as the physical and psychological benefits of interval training, by using rhythms from slow jams to R & B. .

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Four Elements of ULD



  1. The Participants:
All dances are shown to participants before class to ensure they are relaxed.  This prevents them from having to concentrate on which way to move or the next step.  Dance movements are repetitious and easy to follow. Thereby allowing class participants to focus on the workout and have fun.  Following the key elements keep your participants coming back because you created excitement.  They will, in turn, share their experience of ULD fitness with others, bringing you more clients.  ULD fitness program breaks the traditional mold and creates a party atmosphere while allowing participants to go into there own world as they move and groove with others while expressing their own individuality.  The music and the choreography motivate participants to push harder for even greater results while toning. Because it makes the workout appear easy and fun thus assisting them in achieving a healthier state of spirit, mind, and body.
  1. The Instructor:
A fun and engaging attitude from an instructor permeates the room, making ULD exciting to watch. This increases class participation and takes people who are normally on the sidelines to the floor.  Remember,      most fitness programs work, however, participants do not stick with them long enough to achieve a fitness lifestyle, because of the lack of psychological motivation to participate actively and continuously.
  1. Music:
Selection of Music: The careful selection of music for a ULD fitness class is by far the most important element, which makes up 65-70 percent of the fun experienced during a work- out.  Always choose fun songs to add the laughter, pleasure element. A healthier attitude contributes to better health.  Number of Songs:  All songs are carefully mixed and recorded in a continuous play of music ranging from 12-14 songs per 60-minute workout.  Length of Music: Individual songs should run from a minimum of 3-4 minutes from beginning to end, not 4 minutes.  Interval of Music: Music should be continuous to allow participants to achieve their maximum results.  The mood of Music: Always select upbeat songs to add the laughter and enjoyment to the workout, and watch the sweat and the smiles.  Repetition of Music: Reuse certain songs your participants enjoy but add new choreography moves to keep it fresh, monthly.  Always keep about 70 percent of the old songs so participants can make a smooth transition from one workout to another.  Timing: Play the latest line dance, slides or shuffle at the beginning and end of class to ensure participants are eager to return to class. This will allow them to be the first at the next event to show off their new dancing skills.  Style of Music: The style/type of music varies from all genres of music and dance styles.        In fact, seventy-five percent of the music is African and African-American, from soul, hip-hop gospel, inspirational, reggae-ton and the remaining 25 percent consists of a mixture of other sounds and beats.  Use Old school music to start off the workout session, and popular new school music of medium speed for the warm-ups.  
  1. Choreography:
Basic 4 Wall Line Dance Steps: Is done to the latest line dances, slides, and shuffles. The Warm Up: You begin with a medium or slow speed song to do the warm-up leading up to the workout. It begins with stretching and doing light yoga.  Get High Volume: For the next 4 songs, you perform intense high volume songs to tone every area of the body while simultaneously building muscles.  Transition: At this phase, you play medium to slow speed music focusing less on cardio and more on toning.  Cool Down: Play slower music to stretch out the muscles so they don’t feel pain or muscle fatigue. During the phase of the workout, you must stretch the muscles so they are not sore from overexertion. The music should be a slow old song that all ages would enjoy and even reminisce on.  

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ULD Products and Merchandise

The store that customizes your fun, fitness, entertainment, and educational needs for the all!  We have what you need to start your new journey toward a 4GFitness Life.  Check out our Mr. Cardiotone Store for Merchandise and Fitness clothing!  Wanting to get your kids active and healthy. Check out our Kidzfitology site. It has programs ranging from Infants to Teens and customizable fitness party selections! We offer a number of fitness options to meet your specific needs. Our curriculum makes use of fitness and education by combining our programs into a learning experience that enriches the emotional, cognitive, moral, creative, physical, and musical capacities of its participants. Looking to activate a healthy life at a party, festival, or any other fun event? We can help you with that. Check out our Mr. Cardiotone Fitness Packages!  4G Fit Academy has everything you need to customize your party/event and turn it into one of memorable fun and fitness! We have membership opportunities for those wanting to get the most out of our Mr. Cardiotone Store. Get the most out of your fitness journey by taking advantage of our membership opportunities and affiliates offering products and services for a discount!

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MrCardioTone Programs and Merchandise



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History of ULD

In 2007, Urban Line Dance Fitness (ULD Fitness) was founded in Columbus, Georgia; originally called ClubEXcise. Zandra Henry conceived ClubEXcise concept. ULD was further developed and expanded by Zandra, Mary Rozier and Dwight Calhoun. The premise of ClubEXcise began with creating a workout to encompass line dances, slides and shuffle movements. The goal was to use nightclubs and family gatherings as the platform while providing them with fun, dance and a fitness work- out. In 2009, Zandra turned ClubEXcise over to Dwight Calhoun as she ventured into other business opportunities.  Dwight ClubEXcise to URBAN LINE DANCE.  He fine-tuned the dance moves adding his own special touch making it a workout routine to rival to other fun fitness workouts. In 2010, Dwight, branded himself as Mr. CardioTone and expanded his services to Alabama and the Greater Atlanta area. In 2011, ULD was incorporated and became URBAN LINE DANCE FITNESS © as a subsidiary of Mr. CardiotonEnter- prise, LLC.  ULD Fitness became the ultimate workout and thee first line dance routine for both Fun and Fitness. In August 2013, Mr. CardiotonEnterprise certifies it’s first Urban Line Dance Fitness instructors. They received their certification in personal, group training, CPR and first aid along with their ULD Fitness certifications. In 2015,    Mr. CardiotonEnterprise, LLC partnered with the Afrocentric School of Healing to offer ULD Fitness certification training on a global scale.  

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Who is Mr. CardioTone

Dwight Calhoun aka Mr. Cardio-Tone is a fitness entertainer, certified personal trainer, and dance instructor. Dwight is a former the United States Marine Corps Sergeant and disabled Persian Gulf Veteran.   He was able to rehabilitate himself from a stroke and the onset of dementia, using Urban Line Dance Fit- ness. Since his rehabilitation, Dwight has become the world’s most exciting trainer known as Mr. CardioTone.     Dwight uses his knowledge of dance and game activities to combat obesity, Alzheimer, diabetes as a recreational therapist utilizing ULD. Mr. CardioTone received a B.A. in Human Services and a studied Sociology at Troy University.  He is a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. For over 20 years he has served as a mentor teaching the fundamentals of health, nutrition, and fitness. Dwight began dancing at the age of four.  Inspired by such greats as James Brown and Michael Jackson.   With no formal dance training, Mr. CardioTone is considered a natural at best and has wowed others with his unique idea of combining dance, education, fun, fitness games and activities using positive educational music. Once you experience Mr. CardioTone’s energy and enthusiasm you will witness his passion for FUN Fitness from preschool to ‘old school’; ULD has gone international with training and performances in Uganda, Jamaica, Bahamas, Grand Turks, Cozumel Mexico, Senegal, South Africa, Aruba, and Ethiopia  

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